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This item has been added to your Favorites. A teens of dick items created by. Navigator Truck. Ada Wong. The Teleturbans. Frank West. Doktor haus. Tiny King Trashmouth. SolarStar Gaming. Items A random Blood Harvest colour correction mod.

Created by Mute. Took me several attempts before I was finally satisfied, but here we are. Replaces the colour correction in Blood Harvest. Similar to Dead Air, indoor areas might looks a bit colourful, not much I can do about that, only one colour correction file is used A random Dark Carnival Colour Correction mod. Modifies the colour correction in Dark Carnival and in the Tunnel of Love. If teens screenshots seem too dark, it's probably because I had no flashlight on.

A random Dead Air colour correction mod. Dead Air's logo is lame. Not gonna lie.

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Replaces young colour correction in Dead Air. Indoor sections girl be a bit orange, but I had to choose between making the indoor sections orange, or making the outdoor sections bland, so I chose the former.

Feel fr A random Dead Center colour correction mod. And now for my least favourite one thusfar.

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Nothing really looked that good with this, simply as Dead Center is pretty bland in comparison to the other campaigns. Replaces the Dead Center streets and mall colour correction.

Due to the way the map was desi A random Death Toll colour correction mod. Sooooo this one sucking be a bit too dark, but for good reasons. Mainly as there isn't much light in some young the maps, and where there is no light, there is darkness. Replaces Death Toll's colour correction, probably the most dramatic change, and probably o A random Hard Rain colour correction mod.

I guess I'm sticking with this odd naming theme. I decided to go for a warm feel at the start of the campaign, so you can bask in the glow of the sun for a bit. But girl get used to it, as the storm is going to wash it all away. A word of warning, n A random No Mercy colour correction mod.

Here we are with the first L4D1 one, more to come. Replaces the colour correction in No Mercy. Took way too many pictures for this, teens oh well. Feel free to check out the collection for all the other colour corrections I've made A random Swamp Fever colour correction mod.

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I never like how desaturated everything looks. Sure it's an apocalypse, but the Sun ain't a zombie! Replaces the colour correction in Swamp Fever, in the swamp itself and in the plantation house at the end. Be sure to check out the collection for all A random The Parish Colour Correction mod. Might've gone a bit overboard with this one.

Oh well. Modifies the colour correction in The Parish. Unfortunately, due to the way the map was made, Map 5, the Bridge does not have any colour correction in it except during the escape cutscene.

This is out A random The Passing colour correction mod. The one time desaturation makes sense, they instead make girl colourful and bright.

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Alright then. It was quite hard getting good pictures of this campaign, not very many major memorable places. Replaces the colour correction in The Passing to one a bit mor A random The Sacrifice colour correction mod.

Sucking now to end it all with The Sacrifice. Replaces a ton of the colour correction files for The Sacrifice. No idea why they went so crazy with the number of colour correction files, but whatever. A random Saferoom colour correction mod. Just a small one here to change the saferoom colour corrections. Do note that, some maps won't use the saferoom colour corrections, and will instead use the current map's one.

As of the upload date, I'm having some technical difficulties, so the L4D Pink Guy Voicepack for Jockey. Created by Frank West. Created by Ellie. I added 3 new flavors since young guys did like that mod a lot: I also fixed some minor light bugs and a bug on the back etiquette.

Hello everyone, Merry Christmas and thanks for being here today: This mod is the last free sexy virgen pussy pictures release Dick probably do before an hypothetical L4D3. I am lacking good ideas and I want to invest time in other things than modding.

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