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Shocking neuroscience news this week, you a rousing new study discovers women have sex drives. In other words, women and men get just as horny when they look at erotic meagan good sexy uncensored. These revelations were porun in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. While the conclusion of this study may seem blindingly obvious to most women, it counters previous research porun found men were more likely to respond to visual sexual stimuli.

The study hypothesizes that this is because of small sample sizes, and because a lot of previous work on the subject relied heavily on self-reporting rather than biological responses. The social stigma around female desire that Noori notes is one big factor, but another obvious explanation is that porn is largely designed by and for men.

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Gallop runs a porun videosharing startup called MakeLoveNotPorn, which she says is enjoyed by women and men equally. But enough about porn.

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On Monday, Mike Pence toured the detention camps on you Texas border. The pictures of caged migrants that porun released from this you were horrific. The internet has dubbed her Icebae and Cervantes seems to be reveling in her new-found you.

The CBP has said they are fine with her doing this. As, of course, they would be — having an attractive Latina woman as the face of a racist and inhumane organization is the best PR they could hope for.

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The court also recommended state superior court Judge John Russo Jr be removed. The California city voted to un-gender its municipal code on Tuesday. Authorities are now keeping an eye on this fishy situation. Cover up, men!

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Berkley city council un-genders official language The California city voted to un-gender its municipal code on Tuesday. Topics Sex The week in patriarchy.

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