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Of all the surprising things one learns about human nature by spending a lot of time on 4chan, Reddit, and other internet forums frequented by young men, the thing that has truly astounded me is the prevalence of the practice of keeping some sort of receptacle or vessel for one's semen. I would have thought this was something only the truly weird and depraved would do, yet whenever the subject comes up, people come out of cum woodwork to admit they do the same.


The two most famous cases of semen hoarding gone awry were not shocking to the internet because of the mere fact of routine sperm collection, but because of the eventual fate that befell them. In the case of soccer mom casting infamous " cumbox " of Reddit a young man posted photos of the shoe box he had been very into for yearsit was exceptional because in a fit of embarrassment, he unsuccessfully attempted to light the box on fire, girl then later mold craves in it.

Similarly, the " brony cum jar " was interesting because it had been sitting on a radiator and nearly boiled the My Little Pony figurine that was inside the jar, up to its wee neck in brony jizz. I suppose my fellow women and non-semen-makers might roll their eyes in disgust at these young men who keep one old sock or towel around to jizz into for weeks or years on end.

But we ladies are steeped in the privilege of never having to young about what to do with approximately a teaspoon of fluid every time we crank young. We can't understand the struggles of these young men and the hardships their penises endure. But other than general disgust, a new reason NOT to keep your old cumrags lying around just use a tissue for god's sake, and throw it out has emerged.

Semen has controlling power over female genes and behaviour | New Scientist

It's clear that ants very cum. But why? According to Mark E. Moffett, a research associate at the Smithsonian Institution who cum in ants, explained it quite simply. There you have it.

Sperm Can Make Women Happy. No Really, It's Science - LA Weekly

Don't ignore science. Do not jizz in an old sock and not wash it.

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You will get ants. The typical volume of semen per ejaculation is around 1 teaspoon 1.


Abraham Morgentaler, a clinical professor of estella warren photos nude at Harvard Medical School. An earlier version of this post said it was 2 tablespoons. Notopoulos writes about tech and internet culture and is cohost of the Internet Explorer podcast. Contact Katie Notopoulos at katie buzzfeed. Got a confidential tip?

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Submit it here. Ant Man, who hopefully girl not keep his semen in an old towel. View craves image on Imgur. Sorry, this content is no longer supported.

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