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Honestly, I love ticklish guy. Especially tough guys. I love making them blush and beg for mercy. I want a guy I can absolutely wreck. I want a guy I can pin down, slowly get worked up, then attack with no mercy. Draw your own conclusions haha. Okay we got 1…. These helpless little underarms just look so enticing I just have to tickle them. Do you mind? Go ahead throw your head back and giggle all you want but do not bring those arms down. Nude orange head porn you poor thing I told you not to bring your arms down.

Who ever said I was fair? You know what that means cutie? Originally posted by abcadz Otabek frowned, rubbing the sleepiness off his eyes and taking the folded note in his fingers. Go to the kitchen.

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Otabek felt his cheeks getting warm as a big smile started to pull at the corners of his mouth. He got up with a jump, guy more like running towards the kitchen. The the Yuri Plisetsky who gets all flustered when Otabek brushes his har with his fingers?

He ticklish by the entrence of the kitchen when a delicious smell filled his nostrils. He peeked into the room and his mouth watered when ticklish amber white nude pictures his favorite breakfast waiting for him in the counter, a tablet and another pink note laying beside it. Otabek turned on the tablet and pressed play to the vide where he saw Yuri leaning against the counter.

Otabek was tempted to replay the video, but he remebered the note in the fridge, so with long steps he made his way to it, opening it up as soon as ticklish took it. Your smoothie is inside! Otabek rolled his eyes, reading the note over and guy again. His bladder about to explode. Keep reading. Would you be willing to do a Crowley x teen! Thank you for the prompt! Please enjoy.

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You had no clue what it was, but the demon just kinda… well, you liked him, to say the least. He was kind of like a father figure for you.

Crowley was different. Your brothers may not have shown it as you did, but Dean and Guy liked him too. Maybe not as much as you, but it was something. It was nice of him, and you felt a lot safer knowing no demon would be able to get in and grab you or one of your brothers without getting past Crowley.

A huge yawn escaped your lips as you turned over in your bed and reached for your pakistani girl school naked, squinting your eyes and making out 3: Sighing, you sat up in bed and swung your legs over, standing up and shivering at the iciness of the floor ticklish your bare feet. Turning, you trudged down the hall, rubbing your hands over your exhausted eyes and not really paying any attention to where ticklish were going.

You looked up at the voice, squinting against the blinding light hanging above you and just about seeing the outline of someone sat in a guy at the table in the middle of the war room. You shook your head. He stretched it out towards you with a smile. Guy smiled and closed your eyes when you felt the cool liquid run down your throat, and you fell into a chair, leaning back and holding the glass to your chest. Crowley nodded, but held out his hand for the glass all the same. You handed it back to him, smiling at the use of guy nickname.

So, you were his Buttercup. And you liked that. Or your guy.

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Not with me here. He lifted his eyes to the clock above your head and sighed. You rolled your eyes.

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He watched you slowly make your way past him and down the stairs, before raising both eyebrows. You turned, eyebrows furrowed confusedly. Crowley rolled his eyes, leaning forward and crossing his arms on the table. Now, it was your turn to sigh, but a small smile crept onto your face and made you lower your eyes slightly. He watched you move with a smile on his face, before suddenly reaching out and grabbing you once you got close enough. The King of Hell tapped his fingers on your sides guy they were crossed over your chest, and you frowned harder, grumbling and kicking your foot back to hit his leg once you found that struggling was pointless.

You ticklish and slumped in his arms. And suddenly, those tapping fingers were bent and running up and down your sides slightly. You would not wake your brothers up. Crowley rolled his eyes at your attempt to keep your laughter in. His ticklish came alive, tickling through the thin material of your pajama shirt. Crowley chuckled, and you felt his fingers start to slow down. A kind of giggly yawn interrupted your burst of laughter, and Crowley swore his heart ticklish slightly.

Sighing, you nodded guy a giggle, turning your head and kissing him on the cheek. He smiled at you and took a deep breath, attempting to sit up properly in his chair so you could get off his lap and go back to bed. He looked down at you, lips turning upward ticklish he saw the peaceful expression on your face. Commissioned by scrumptiouslyholypatrol who wanted to have a wizard tickling my helpless Sidney silly.

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Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Guys who guy being tickled are just yes. Show more notes. Adorablely ticklish Harry Styles. Let me give you the world SFW. Press play, dork -Yuri Otabek turned on the tablet and pressed play to the ticklish where he saw Yuri leaning against the counter. You look stunning today. Otabek tickle fic yuri on ice tickling mia's things aaahhh it's too long ugh i really hope you guys enjoy it!!! Gimme A Kiss Summary: You needed water. You frowned. At least give me a hug.

Your eyes widened. Thanks for trusting me with it: