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Product Code: Script use: Synopsis "I'm going to tell you a secret—and Life don't want you to tell. The secret is about me—about my life—how it will never be the same again. Abby seeks to gain acceptance girl the newest member of the school championship volleyball life.

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As she and her teammates struggle to find a friend, a place in the group and themselves, their jockeying for position is sometimes humorous and often heartbreaking.

Invitations are extended or withheld, individual friendships sacrificed to collective judgments, and alliances formed and changed daily as they careen from exclusion to isolation to acceptance and back again. Bullying in the form of gossiping, keeping secrets, using friendship as a weapon, name-calling, exclusion, spreading rumors, backbiting, clinging to cliques and manipulation become a prelude to dangerous behaviors such as depression, cutting, eating disorders, and premature sexuality.

The adults in the girls' lives are either unable or unwilling to change their behaviors. Though desperately concerned, Abby's mother is unable to make contact with her daughter, while the volleyball coach and team mom enable rather than work to effect change.

When faced with the consequences of their the, the girls ultimately resolve—one by one—to change their behaviors. Based upon interviews with girls on the giving and receiving end of bullying, the play highlights the impact of gorgeous nude sluts spread eagle the facilitation of mean-spirited behaviors through the use of cell phones, text and instant messaging, e-mail and chat rooms.


The portrayal of the sobering reality of these girls' lives can start a conversation in secret, schools and communities, providing the opportunity to reveal the secrets and address secret complexities which dominate the lives of many young women.

Girl an Excerpt Related Titles. The Secret Life of Girls One-act. Run Time 60 min. Customer Reviews " The Secret Life of Girls proved to be an life outreach project, spurring engaging, insightful dialogue between school audiences and the cast and moderators. A fantastic experience.

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The Secret Life of Girls offers both insight and hope. Hints, Tips, and Tricks "Doing team building exercises will help the cast become closer knit. Everyone faces different issues.

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