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Sign up or log in to share. How old were you the first time you masturbated? How old were you when you had your first orgasm due to masturbation? What is your normal masturbation technique? Do men have a technique other than "I jacked up and down? How often do you masturbate? How much noise do you make? Never made noise or vocalized. Have you ever been caught? Each time, just as I was cumming.

Goody gumdrops.

Women are more likely to use sex toys

My first masturbation Helpful" of the year is an automatically picked one describing how i started masturbating at 6. Playing with nipples then squeezing thighs together 4. None, just heavy breathing. Not yet. I was 11 the first time 2. Also The first time I ever even did it.

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I usually look up po rn on my iPad, and look for a good video. Otherwise, I use my imagination, creating a fantasy.

People who regularly masturbate are more likely to be managers, survey reveals - Mirror Online

About once or twice a week 5. I keep it at a minimum since it's a small apartment. Sometimes I can't help but breathe heavy. Once I got caught, by my brother. Luckily I just closed the tab on the laptop now dead survey had immediately put my hand away, pants up.

I think he's forgotten by this point. I didn't even admit it though he saw me. Disclaimer I am 49 now so relying on very old memories 1 11ish 2 12ish 3? Jerking up and down. Everyone does that 4. I am an addict. Over 5 times a day 5. Almost no noise, although I breathe heavily when I orgasm 6. Nope, that would be the worst thing. Mostly fingers, pillows and that penny proud sex video of thing.

Maybe 5 tines a week on everage. I think I am fairly quiet. Yes, a few times. Maybe 9yrs old.

What are we whacking with?

Maybe take every month. I have changed to be celibate so I try to stay away from it.

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I don't know 5. Masturbation don't live alone 6.

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Lol, this is not one for that guy in the street with survey clipboard take ask you o. O I will keep that shit to myself! I was 14 and I had an orgasm on my first try. Just recently got back into it and I've done it lying on my back in bed. I usually try for twice a week now. I pant a lot but I'm not very loud.

Study reveals how Americans like to masturbate

I've never been caught. Same as before. Once or twice a week.