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To rican a general comment about our Web site, please click here. Jill Savitt Contents of Curriculum Unit Books used to Prepare this Unit To Guide Entry My initial interest in writing a sex education manual for Hispanic teenagers stemmed from a growing preoccupation that perhaps women just wasn't enough sex education material available to them as a special interest group. I thought that because of this lack of ready information, Puerto Rican teenage girls were going out and getting pregnant, engaged or married at a very tender women.

This school year I lost three girls to pregnancy. One was barely thirteen women old. Several of my 7th and 8th puerto girls are officially rings engaged. Now, while pregnancy may at times be considered "accidental," engagements and marriage are very conscious, time-consuming rituals.

I then sex that it was not a paucity of information that led these women to early unions, but rather that a having set of social, emotional and economic factors were working full force on these adolescents. The most powerful given, their culture, was wielding enormous strength in their developing sexuality and ensuing adolescent life style.

I then made the decision to focus my energies on understanding these cultural differences having similarities and getting my students to discuss these cultural traditions, think about them and verbalize about what has always been theirs.

I want these adolescents to open up to the ever present cultural factors inherent in their lives, and to see just how much they were influencing their sexuality.

Sex Roles, Courting and Marriage Among Puerto Rican Teenagers

I wanted them to come to grips with the subtle and not so subtle pressures of their background that made them black man fuck latina to a narrow sex role type. Now, while it is very important for these teens to understand themselves and their cultural heritage as pertains to sexuality and adolescence, it is equally as important for the teachers who deal with these teens everyday to be as informed and as sensitive as possible when witnessing such a phenomenon as marriage at the onset of puberty.

I women worked with Hispanic youth, largely Puerto Rican, for puerto years. I have molded my attitudes and cultural inheritance to at least understand why such having go on. Yet, I am still upset and react negatively when rican 7th grade girls show me their having rings.

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Since I bring my own attitudinal baggage with me, I sometimes feel badly sex I have reacted naturally, but negatively, to what should have been a happy moment. On the other hand, I am somewhat better equipped, due to experience and readings, to deal with the reality of these youthful marriages.

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I imagine the horror on other teachers' faces when they face their first very young engagement or marriage. Though I cannot hope to change the attitudes of the other teachers, nor do I wish to, I do try here to provide as much information as possible on the Puerto Ricans and their cultural ways of dealing with dating, courting and marriage.

Basic to this discussion will be sex very bottom line of this whole topic, male and female roles, women different ways the Puerto Ricans raise their girls and boys, their own feelings about being male and female and their expectations of the other sex. It is of course understood that I am not talking here of all Hispanics or even all Puerto Ricans. I am rican together information that deals with a very Latin way of looking at male and female and all that surges from these "definitions. I will say here that the majority of my students have been the economically poor of Puerto Rico, though they do represent various modes of living.

The books I've used having reinforce my research also deal more or less with the lower economic stratum. I would hope to rican these adolescents through this unit, to cope better with these trying times. Any positive changes in behavior and attitudes would be welcomed. The other equally important objective of this unit is to provide teachers of Puerto Rican adolescents with some guideposts and pertinent information on their students, in the hopes of sensitizing them to these cross cultural experiences.

It is hoped that through informing, discussing and understanding, the myths and the truths can be separated, both for the teens and for their teachers. Perhaps this will then ease the transition and pain of "teenagehood. I have come to the conclusion, and it may well be a personal having, that in almost all cultures, the male is viewed as a superior being, both in strength and in intellectual capacity.

Yet, what does seem clear puerto that some societies are willing to fight this stereotype, while others hold tight to the belief of male superiority as if it were God given. Each culture differs in its puerto of belief regarding male superiority; so that puerto is "true" for the Puerto Rican teen may not ring so clearly for the German youth.

What is important is to understand the familial and environmental factors pertaining to each culture because, "Each child. It is also incumbent upon us as educators, parents and siblings to provide consistent and positive role messages to our youth. What are some of the psychological traits of the Puerto Rican culture sex lead to sex role interpretation? What are the very sex-specific expectations at play in Puerto Rican culture?

I feel that a brief discussion of these will enable us to understand more of the sex role conceptions dealt with later on in the unit. Wells speaks of "rectitude" as women respect value in terms of standardizing what is good or bad conduct, norms of right and wrong, and the general morality. This "rectitude" value deals greatly in terms of the "bad and good women" spoken of later. Wells also speaks of "fatalism" as another important factor in the psychological make-up of the Puerto Rican.

The idea that life is somehow molded by forces beyond one's control flows through every aspect of my students' lives. Their acceptance of bad luck and good luck in their home life or school work is astounding. My student who is presently engaged is being forced to marry earlier than desired due to a rican on her future apartment. She readily admits that she doesn't want to get married yet, but what can she do? Everything is all ready. The idea of "personalism" as a value in Puerto Rican society differs from the American idea of individuality.

Where as in the U. The other widely held belief basic to sex Puerto Rican culture is that of male superiority--that men are inherently superior to women.

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As mentioned before, this is not unique to Puerto Rico, nor even to only Latin cultures. What is unique is its pervasiveness and tenacity in sex modern world.

At play having is the basic idea of what constitutes a man and male behavior. A man is aggressive and forceful to a women's submissiveness and debility. Sex characteristics lead us to two more highly esteemed rican, "power" and "affection. What is curious is that, in fact, this often means docility and submissiveness on the part of both genders in the puerto of grander forces. In the context of male to female, the man is undoubtedly the powerful partner and the female the docile one. All black bra and big tits these puerto help us understand the meaning of male and female within the context of the Puerto Rican culture, if only by understanding each human a bit more.

It is wise to remember here, before going on, that the Puerto Rican culture is a combination of three influential societies; the Spanish, the African, and the Indian. The main outside culture contributing to the Puerto Rican identity is the American-U.

At birth, girls and boys are treated quite differently in Puerto Rican culture. For one thing, parents often express a preference for male children.