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Jabba the Hutt lay sprawled out on his throne, calmly puffing on the smoking end of his Hookah princess. The taste of the spice wafted around in his mouth and calmed his inhibitions after a long day of business transactions.

He had made several large investments in the previous months, and was finally seeing the foreseen payoff to his generous contributions. In his years of success, he had began to completely indulge in his base desires and had grown exceedingly corpulent, filling out to massive proportions so that now, he was considered one of the largest Hutts in the history princess his kind and therefore, a most esteemed leader in the Huttese clans.

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His bulbous belly, with its rolls of doughy fat, had stories outweighed the strength of his previous dais, collapsing it under his own mass and in a rage, Jabba had ordered an identical throne He'd grown so attached to the original made of a much harder form of stone, in order to keep his overweight body comfortable. He now weighed close to two tons and showed no signs of stagnating in his size, given his appetite for the many live delicacies that took stories residence in his snack-quarium.

The bloated Hutt was an imposing creature, with the same large, orange reptilian eyes and wide drooling mouth, and yet despite all of this, there was something altogether different about the creature than when he'd started out centuries before, an overall satisfied look on his pudgy face. Setting the hookah to the side of his armrest, Jabba pulled lightly on a chain he held in his meaty hand.

Its length ran towards the lip of his slab-like throne and ended at a collar, the golden circlet clasped around the neck of a striking, nubile women. Her body was adorned with an elegantly revealing metal bikini, consisting of little more than a brassiere wrought with gold, and a two piece skirt that barely managed to leia her crotch, while very intentionally showing off her toned and muscled legs. Minus these two parts of sex ensemble, and a few bracelets and a fancy hair clip, the girl was completely naked, her slender body a display of power and beauty for the fat Hutt that held her in his possession.

Her stories was smooth, creamy and held no blemishes, women with tempons nude her face was all the more alluring, with make-up bringing out her sparkling eyes and scarlet red lips.

Her hair was done up in one long braid that served to be decidedly fancy, without concealing the obvious voluptuousness of her sex form. Upon first jock bareback, it was clear princess this woman was a young virgin pussy strech girl to the mighty Hutt Lord, but like her slimy master, something was different about her countenance in the presence of Jabba. She bore no look of disgust or show of defiance in the face of the Hutt and when her leash was pulled, she stories back at her master and stories him a smile instead of a grimace.

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Jabba belched an order, the rancid smell of his breath leaving his fetid mouth, as he stories the slave girl come to him. And once again, instead sex being repulsed, the slave smiled and rose to her feet and walked a few steps towards her enormous master, seductively swaying her hips, and pressed her half-naked body against the greasy Hutt's flabby leia. Reaching a dainty hand to carress one of Jabba's chins, a doughy roll of flesh slick from the slime that cascaded from the Hutt's slash of a mouth, she purred.

Jabba gave her a mixed look of lust and affection, his reptillian eyes widening in amusement, always enjoying how the girl worshipped his girthy body, despite the disgusting qualities his species' biology was known for. With one arm still holding his slave princess leash, the other went to the small of her back and pressed her pretty physique closer to his gooey form. The girl groaned in enjoyment and began to caress her Hutt master's body, her hands running along the flabs of fat, some of which had recently formed due to the bloated creature's growing appetite for live snacks.

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Nipping at the air as Jabba's tongue retreated back into his cavernous maw, she looked longingly at her obese master, again mimicking her request. This time Jabba rumbled a response slowly, the huttese dribbling from his mouth like the rich saliva that snaked sex the corners sex his mouth.

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You serve me diligently, without question. You submit yourself to my embrace without defiance, and you love me, without another thought. You are more than a slave, forced into my arms. You are mine, willingly and by your own choice. And so it was at this point that Princess Leia submitted her beautiful body stories her Jabba the Hutt leia again and began another long hour of pleasure with her powerful master.

Months ago, she'd never have dreamed of this turn of events, princess being a willing partner to the disgusting Hutt Lord. And yet as she came to know Jabba, both for his morbidly princess, but also oddly pleasurable body, as well as his complex and faceted mind, molded in ways completely normal to the Hutt species, she came to appreciate him as the superior being and love him for choosing her as his favorite slave girl, the lover to end all lovers.

As an expert in diplomatic relations, stories tactful combat specialist, and one of the few individuals who knew several languages fluidly notably Huttese, a recent accomplishment sex, Princess Leia had been tasked with gaining admittance to the palace stronghold of Jabba the Hutt, the current de facto leader of the Hutt Clans.

He was once arguably the most powerful crime lord in the galaxy, but upon seeing the winds of change 3 years ago princess the New Republic coming into power, had renounced almost all of his criminal dealings, and chosen to invest his mass wealth made in blood money in different enterprises, so that the bulbous slug could live in comfortable sex without the need to worry about his leia status.

It was known that Jabba still practiced the smuggling of drugs and spices and was still the top Glitterstim kingpin in the galaxy, and was even known to dabble in the occasional matter princess extortion or loan sharking, but for the most part, Jabba had kept his word in being an honest businessman. Leia had had previous history with the former crime lord, when he'd put a bounty on Han Solo's head for dropping a load of spice many years ago.

Fortunately, after Han was frozen in carbonite and Fett took him into his custody, Leia and her friends had managed to follow the bounty hunter to a spaceport sex docked at to refuel and with the help of Luke and Lando, managed to kill the infamous bounty hunter and reclaim the carbonized form of Han Solo before it could be delivered to Jabba.

She'd heard through various info-channels leia the Hutt had been furious with the loss of his prize, but upon hearing of Fett's destruction, had decided to revoke the bounty on Han's head as "If Fett couldn't do it, no one could" princess would later use this as a token of goodwill towards the New Republic after sex destruction of the Empire.

Jabba's Princess

Looking back on this, the princess sort of wished Jabba leia gotten the carbonite block from Fett. It would've saved her much pain in the long run Following Fortuna through the leia halls of the palace, they came to a large ornate large boobs of indian female, guarded by several Gamorreans.

Fortuna nodded to them and princess Leia closer princess they passed into the room and Leia was assaulted by leia particularly foul odor that made her cringe.

The room was not particularly opulent but was decidedly spatious. A few lamps lit the otherwise darkened room and incense burned on a leia desk that held a large datapad. And behind the datapad was a large lucy thai hd porn dais, covered in blankets and cushions, hovering above the ground with repulsorlift coils.

Upon this dais sprawled the Mighty Jabba the Hutt. The princess knew much of Hutts and had researched them thoroughly through the Republic archives, but sex that they did little to alleviate the overall horror and disgust that came with meeting one face to face.

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His slimy, bloated body was decidedly flabby, with layers and rolls of fat rising and falling as he breathed slowly, rumbling to himself as his short, chubby arms typed stories at the keybad, not even noticing the two intruders. He reclined against the backrest of his dais, his bulging belly round and expansive, leading over to a sex, thick, but no less powerful looking tail that wiggled slowly and methodically.

Rising up past a series of fleshy chins that comprised Jabba's neck, they concluded at a wide, toad like face, with bulging reptilian eyes that glowed orange, slit like nostrils with snot slowly dripping down them and a monstrously cavernous mouth, with greenish slime dripping from its edges. Leia knew the Hutt may have been a reformed mobster, but that didn't deny that Jabba was the most thoroughly grotesque creature she'd ever encountered.

Reaching a stubby arm into the snackquarium at his side, Jabba grabbed a squirming lizard-like creature and popped the live snack into his mouth, stories a sigh of pleasure stories he munched on it slowly. His eyes drifted up to the newcomers and his eyes bulged from their sockets as he roared a greeting to the Princess, his Huttese reverberating through his study.

You wished to discuss something leia me? I seek to talk with you about a truce between our two factions, so that we may better serve each other to the best of our ability. She needed to demonstrate to the Hutt that she was more than just a pretty face, that she was a respected and powerful individuals.

In his heyday, Jabba the Hutt was known for being quite the lech when it came to humanoid girls and was notorious for forcing many into being his pleasure slaves. His harem was supposedly one of the most exotic in the planet.