Pees while having sex

However, there is no reason to just live with the strain of incontinence in your daily life, and there are things you can start doing right now to stop incontinence from sabotaging your love life. Coital incontinence can be split into 2 different categories — while with penetration and urination with orgasm — which are caused by two different types of incontinence in women. Urination with penetration happens when something is inserted into your vagina sex puts pressure on your bladder or urethra the tube that urine flows out of.

Urination with orgasm can occur because the muscles of the bladder spasm uncontrollably — this is called urge incontinence or over active bladder OAB. But recent studies have found that weakness of the pelvic floor also contributes to leaks during orgasm.

The embarrassment factor keeps women silent

Your doctor might want to try different treatments depending on what type of incontinence you have. Your doctor may even refer you to a pees who specializes in dealing with urinary tract issues in women. Kegel exercises sex, the contraction and release of your pelvic floor muscles, are the number one doctor recommended treatment for pelvic floor disorders and studies show having women who complete Kegel exercise routine on a regular basis have fewer leaks during intimacy.

Being overweight increases the likelihood of leaks because that weight can strain your pelvic floor and put pressure on your bladder.

Make sure you pee before AND after sex

Discuss your weight loss plan pees including diet and exercise while with your doctor. While more sex half of women with incontinence report feeling concerned about leaks during sex being a problem in their relationships the majority of their partners did not. So telling them could also give you even more support and motivation towards your treatment goals. Try not to drink anything, particularly if it can irritate the bladderin the hour before you have sex.

However you should stay hydrated throughout the rest of pees day — since dehydration can having irritate the bladder and make leaks worse. Use the toilet just before you get started to lessen the likelihood of leaks.

Certain positions, like while, put more pressure on your bladder, so take this as an opportunity to switch things up. As an added benefit, you both might discover a new favorite way to make love and most hottest pornstar naked a little spice to the bedroom.

Being on top gives you more control of your pelvic muscles and how much stress is placed on your bladder not to mention a better chance of hitting your G-spot. Penetration from behind can put less stress on your bladder and urethra. Just experiment a bit to find something you both like.

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A little bit of planning, some Kegels, and help from your doctor can get you back in the sack and enjoying your index of adult images again. Please note that advice offered by Intimina may not be relevant to your individual case.

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For specific concerns regarding your health, having consult your physician or other licensed medical practitioners. When not waxing profound about menstruation, she devotes herself to enjoying extremely good food and equally bad movies.

Peeing During Sex: What You Should Know

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