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By Wilson Criscione. The door chime gives a loud screech before you enter the dark lobby of Space Oil Massage, located just off Interstate 90 in Oil Valley. A faint, sweet massage of lotion hangs in the air. A sign on the wall reminds customers that there is "No sex, no touching and no harassment. It's been weeks since law enforcement raided Space Oil on July 12 looking for evidence of sex trafficking oil prostitution. Yet with no arrests, the businesses are still open.

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Inside, a camera points at the entrance. Sounds of running massage and chirping birds play on a xxx 3d young. A woman, who speaks little English, rushes from the back to set up a massage. When the Inlander asks if the owner is available to speak about mexico girls big pass police investigation, the woman hands over a card that was buried at the bottom of a binder. Coco, owner Kelan Johnson later explains, was "the most popular" girl in the shop.

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Now, Johnson says, she's in California, "just taking personal time off. From April through June, law enforcement — including the Spokane County Sheriff's Office, FBI, Homeland Security Investigations and Washington State Patrol — received multiple anonymous tips that the women working at Space Oil sought help from authorities because they were being forced to perform sex acts for asian, according to search warrants.

He reported that a woman touched his genitals and offered sexual acts for money. Later that night, authorities raided Space Oil, seizing cash, cell phones and taking pictures of a large trash can filled with tissues of what appeared to have dried semen, according to a warrant filed in Spokane County Superior Court. Johnson denies that any of his massage parlors — Space Oil, Crystal Sea and 3 Pier Oil — are involved in any kind of prostitution.

But court documents from the investigation paint a different picture: Not only are Johnson's black men with shaved cocks businesses allegedly involved in criminal activity, but oil believe they could be part of a larger network of illicit massage parlors trafficking women. Washington State Patrol Lt. James Mjor, who's overseeing the investigation, confirms to the Inlander that officials believe the case is bigger than those three businesses.

He sits by his wife, Aiming Yang-Johnson, whom he married last year. She was involved in massage parlors and spas before, in China, before coming to the U. Incourt records show, Aiming Yang spent a night in jail for prostitution in Twin Falls. She said the real money is in owning the shop," Johnson says. The couple was aware that eight illicit massage parlors were raided in a Spokane sting operation in That's why they put up "house rules" so as to "deter the girls from ever going down that avenue," he says.

They opened Crystal Sea Massage on Massage.

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Meanwhile, the very same day, Jan. The parlor was located at Indiana Ave. That's the location of Oil Massage and Aromatherapy, a business not owned by Johnson. The tip triggered an investigation. Homeland Security, "using open source media, physical surveillance, and law enforcement databases The night of Feb.

Dan McDonald kept a watch on Crystal Sea, having found a post on backpage. He saw multiple women who wore fur coats and no pants walk in asian out of the spa, loading stuff into a car and driving to a warehouse. The next day, Feb. Johnson claims the only advertising they ever did was on Yelp, Google and Yahoo. The Yelp advertisements feature pictures of Asian women. In one picture, a woman is winking and puts her index finger up to her mouth as if to tell someone to be quiet. Another photo shows a woman called Coco making a heart with her hands.

It says she's from Shanghai, China. But ads for their businesses also showed up on websites like backpage. They also appeared on similar websites like adultlook. At least seven other Spokane-area massage parlors had advertisements on either adultlook.

Mjor, speaking generally, says appearing on those websites is a red flag asian could indicate an illegitimate business. On July 12, when an agent went undercover into Massage Oil, asking for a massage, the masseuse at one point touched his genitals.

She offered oral sex by acting out the motion to the undercover agent, and the two made arrangements to meet up later in the evening.

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German male porn videos, that evening, law enforcement raided the establishment, court records say. Detectives interviewed Yang-Johnson during the raid.

When they asked for Yang-Johnson's phone, she deleted a text thread before handing it over, court documents say. On her phone, they found a video of a topless Asian woman performing oral sex on a man.

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Yang-Johnson told investigators she recruits girls through WeChat, a messaging asian that's been used in other cases for human trafficking and child exploitation. Throughout the interview, detectives found Yang-Johnson to be "deceptive," records state.

She withheld information or pretended she didn't understand English, investigators say. Still, Johnson denies any such activities have taken place at his businesses. Rather, he refers to "bullying" from customers who ask for sexual favors from women. This entire investigation, he says, was brought on by undercover officers "trying some of this bullying to see how far it would go. Even when law enforcement arrests massage parlor owners for promoting prostitution or trafficking, they can get off with little-to-no time in jail.