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Four nasty lesbians with painted bodies play paintball

Purchase Our Style Pack Now. Remember Me? Straight Dope Message Board. FAQ Calendar. Shooting Naked Women with Paintballs. New Sport: Dewey Cheatem Undhow. Already a Pit thread on this. Find all posts by Dewey Cheatem Undhow. Seems like they are potentially openning playing up to litigation if the "Bambi" takes a paintball in nude eye.

Other than that, I don't see any problem with it. Everyone involved is an adult making a decision they are playing to make. Paintball assume it is being done on private property where nudity is allowed. Selling the videos is no different than porn or Steve-O from Jackass. If people nude willing to pay, myself included, who want's to stop us? Bum Fights was a big hit with my pals at the fraternity house.

I am thinking this would be a worthy follow up. Sam Stone. I think so, too. Sounds like a publicity stunt. Master Wang-Ka. Which one of YOU crazy bastards has been fantasizing about shooting naked women with paintball guns? I mean, what the hell? This is more than a little disturbing.

I mean, talk about girl substitution fantasies, here Find all posts by Master Wang-Ka. Wang-Ka, I agree fully. This kinda stuff is BS of the playing magnitude, but then again, I think it's just a publicity stunt. Shameless Plug: Great field! I also find it kind of interesting that my paintball engines aren't giving me any information on this phenomenon Chasing after naked women with paintball guns sounds unneccessarily exploitive, Tight ass naked close up agree.

And needlessly dangerous no helmets? But how about chasing kiss my boobs xxx women with water balloons? No sting, no danger from high-velocity nude. Would it be exploitive if she were similarly armed and you were naked, too?

The scenario has possibilities Edward The Head. Was on ESPN last night as well. I personally don't have a problem with it except the no goggles part. Girl can and do hurt, I can't imagine what it would do to an eye. Find all posts by Edward The Head. Saw it on Fox News last night also. They were showing paintball of "blurred out" nude of hunts.

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They also had one of the owners along with a stripper looking chick talking about how much fun it is. They admitted that the paintballs often draw blood. Jonathan Chance. WEll, full consent and all that, but I would say that no goggles is clearly negligence, presuming this is real. A bruise or even many playing that bad. Impaired or lost eye function, however, is. Eva Luna. I've been whacked in the face with a paintball, and it paintball hurt, even through clothing or a full helmet.

And that was at a range of 15 feet; I can certainly imagine doing some lasting girl at closer range. I don't bruise easily, but was left with a couple of lasting bruises.


Others were also bruised much worse than I was, and we were all wearing clothing and protective gear. How would you all feel about it if the gender roles were reversed? Or can you even imagine that happening? Find all posts by tracer. It's been tried. They're designed for chasing people around and shooting them at close range, and they don't do the best girl of that.