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Every lady has the right to get her naked selfie on, but here's the thing: Those sexy pics of you don't always hot ex wifes pussy between you and the lucky person you're sending them to. And when those photos get loose, they're pretty much impossible to take back.

What's worse, those leaked images can seriously screw with your future.

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But before you commit to a life of Amish-level technology use, you should know that there are cell you can nude to help keep those naughty snaps safe. That said, you can beef up your digital security to protect those sexts. For an Android, go into the Android apps screen, tap the "Settings" icon, the "More" tab, the "Security" cell, and then the "Encrypt Device" option, he says.

Next, cut your ties to the selfies.

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If you're using iCloud or Google Drive to free up storage space on your phone, your photos will be saved there, too. If you have the autosync or autobackup settings turned on, shut them off.

Touch the menu icon at the top left. Still want to store your pics on a server?

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Use a secure storage service, like WualaSpiderOakor TarSnapwhich scrambles your data nude doesn't save the encryption key i. If your iPhone is stolen while it's full of your selfies pictures, go to apple. For Android devices, which don't have a similar service, download an app like the Google Apps Phone Policywhich can locate a lost device and remotely lock your phone so intruders can't access your pics. After you enter your password, you'll receive a text message or voicemail with a unique code to enter that's active for 60 seconds, says Siegrist.

This extra step will phone deter anyone snooping on your laptop.

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When you're ready to kiss those sexy selfies on your phone goodbye, make sure you also delete them from anything that's synced with your device, like your computer or any picture-storing services like the Google Photos app, says Nielsen. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Kelly Ripa Is Worth Millions. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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