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View Nude Version: National are the naked white people in National Geographic? Send questions for Cecil Adams to: Your direct line to thousands of the smartest, hippest people on the planet, plus a few total dipsticks.

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National Geographic Explorer sometimes shows naked people--usually undeveloped cultures who find males need for clothes. No problem! Of course National Geographic started publishing shortly after the establishment of Imperialism and Colonial National in Africa. It was a time when most Europeans viewed Africans as inferior child-like creatures. So woman with beautiful eyes porn almost a hundred years now we have been seeing pictures from different cultures around the world and there nude never been a problem wish publishing photos of naked African cultures.

But what would occur if pictures of naked white people geographic published in National Geographic? Has there ever been any? It could be that the photos historically have reflected an entrenched cultural elitism that made it acceptable to view nude in ways which would not be appropriate with "civilized people".

It could also be that societies national which public nudity has historically been common tend to be located in very warm climates. Interestingly, the inhabitants of very warm climates have tended to develop darker skin pigmentation as an adaptation to the environment. Hmmm, if only the National geographic photographers had forced their subjects to adopt European dress codes before having their pictures taken.

Then we could have avoided this whole quandry. Originally posted by Crazy Boob But what would occur if pictures of naked white people males published in National Geographic?

National Geographic apologizes for pictures of naked natives, by Steve Sailer - The Unz Review

There was an article within the last year or so about some island in nude South Pacific New Caledonia, perhaps. There was a photo of a beach scene that included a topless white female sunbather. As far as I can remember, it is the only semi-nude white nude I've ever seen in National Geographic but I don't read it regularly.

But on the other national, non-white nudes are geographic pretty rare in the magazine. My grandmother had a stack of the magazines from the s through s and I was surprised how many nude natives they showed compared to now.

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Naked white women are very heavily featured in some other magazines. Maybe it is some kind of affirmative action, even out the playing field, equal exposure thing. Well, "white people" tend not to have a "culteral dress" that includes nudity. In fact, I can think of none. There was a long distance shot of one of the french topless beaches, once, I think.

But I think crazy knows this- don't you? So, why the query? Daniel, nude he is trying to imply that National Geographic is part of the white-European-male-oppressive-violent-war-penis-culture. I once went out with a girl who could say that all as one word.

She only geographic out with me once because I refered to her as a "girl". Go figure It seems to me that it has only been since WWII that the European taboo against nudity geographic infected the rest of the world.

Males older magazines and other sources that tried to show how people really lived tended to have more breasts. I feel that one of the greatest crimes against humanity has been the brainwashing of the young women geographic Bali into covering their breasts I saw Shaka Zulu on TV, uncut.

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The Black women were topless for extensive parts of the movie as well as the men. Of course, there was national famous opening scene from "I, Claudius" mini-series. I can think of males conclusion from this: In fact, displaying Black nudity is displaying power as well as displaying the erotically aesthetic art that the human body is.

Is it exploitative as portrayed by the White-owned media? Yes it is. But hey, it makes me wonder hot thailand sex blog teen the self-counsciousness of the so-called civilized Whites concerning their bodies, as exemplified in the nudity bias in the National Geographic magazines.

No, showing people in their native dress is not "obscene". Does not matter what the race is. Geographic, even the "multi- culteralism" folks agree on this. Originally posted by DrFidelius [B]Daniel, perhaps he is trying to imply that National Geographic is part of the white-European-male-oppressive-violent-war-penis-culture. Go figure That explains all that war booty my penis keeps bringing home. Having read tons of National Geographic since I discovered them in 9th grade ages ago, I would say that the magazine mainly concentrates on primitive peoples, like the African, Brazilian, Australian, and tropical islanders.

All natives. Back when I was reading the publication, most tribes still wandered around with only primitive weapons, but since then the same people have 'been discovered' by civilization. That means, they often wear shorts, hats, cook in pots and pans they traded for and some used to make pop top jewelry national the pull tabs of soda and beer cans. There were no White primitive tribes. Later, when the publication had pretty much covered the globe, and started looking into more modern cultures, shots of nude beaches in France and several other countries showed up, even White people in the Mountain communities of males US bathing nude in rivers and streams or old wash tubs by the hand well showed up.

There were plus size nude hair pussy of kids running around the ol' shack nude or almost nude, swinging from ropes at the swimming hole and so on. National Geographic was originally mainly interested in old or primitive cultures at the beginning.

It really hasn't been all that long since there were scores of undiscovered tribes wandering around in areas that were mainly mapped only by air and marked 'unexplored' on maps. One exploration book I read, published in the s, told of 'trade guns' sold to the Brazilian natives real head hunters included. They were flint locks, though cartridge rifles were available.

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A large amount of steel wire was wrapped tightly about a rod that tapered slightly, then it was dipped in hot, melted solder and smoothed off. The rod was extracted and you had a smooth bore rifle barrel. Larger end out, it was affixed to a basic and cheap stock and traded along with powder and shot.

After a few shots, the barrel tended to unwind and a Native shooting a monkey might find half of his barrel sailing off after the ball when he fired. Some used the unwinding barrels like boleros. The guns could hold up for a time, but if a person added a bit too much powder in the charge, he might discover most of his barrel lying on the ground later. These guns geographic trade, were used as payment, were liked by the natives who did not have access to anything betterinexpensive and inaccurate and breakable enough so no major attack against White explorers or developers males be mounted.

Up National Amazon by Males. Topless men? Not all of NGE is primitive, a lot of it shows European countryside, or industrialized nations.