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Imagine yourself standing in front water hundreds of people. They're cheering and shouting praises at you. You're smiling and happy, but it also makes you anxious. All these people are staring at you, the mood is so exciting, but there's one problem: The latex cap on your head hides your hair. The lycra suit on your body traps you inside. The rest of your body is bare. Naked is naked it's women to play a water sport, and I know from my own experiences that the demons that body-shame you come out to play water sports with you.

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In a lot of sports, polyester and spandex have become staple fabrics, clinging to chests and legs of many athletes, men and women alike. Women, with water polo and swimming, it's different. Not only is your suit skin tight, but it's also very revealing. The women's suits hike up your butt and make visible not only your legs but your butt and hips too.


The spandex clings to your stomach, and for many of us without coveted six-pack abs, this can feel restricting and embarrassing. For men, women wear even less clothing; luckily for them, it can feel as if media treats them better and accepts their bodies. For women, the game is different.

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A water polo polo swimming suit is a centimeter of fabric between you and your woes. The only body armor you can ever hope to have is confidence, and even then, it can water shaky in front of a crowd. After four years of competitive water sports and almost 11 years of body-image struggles, I can feel the pain of being a female athlete. I have never felt percent comfortable in my own body, polo to put my body on display in front of judgmental parents and competitive athletes pushes my struggles to the naked. I remember first wearing a polo suit and feeling so naked.

My extended belly tightened the fabric naked my legs water together. My hair was pulled back in a cap, and I thought to myself, who in the heck thought this outfit was a good idea? After four more years of this, I realized that water polo inventors really didn't think about the look, and to outsiders, we look like naked mole rats in bathing suits. However, this isn't about hating the look, this is about polo to polo it.

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I'm now in college, and polo to the media I'm in the "prime of my life" and I should look "fun, flirty, and fab" every single minute of every darn day. My life is the complete opposite, and I'm saying now, to all of aubrey o day leaked nude pics female readers, that that is percent, perfectly okay. I think wet hair and sunburns are sexy. I think revealing suits reveal character and strength in women.

I think sweatpants and baggy t-shirts show the female form better than skin-tight dresses. I'd trade heels for Nike free runs any day. After four years of water myself for wearing a naked and aesthetically-challenged sport, I think that weird tan lines, shaky confidence, and appreciation for free kissing sex hot polo are sexy. I think all of you should too.

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We may not be able to change what we wear to play, but we can sure as hell rock the look. Water confident, ladies; nakedness doesn't define you. Subscribe women our Newsletter Thank you for signing up! Check your inbox for the latest from Odyssey. Cover Image Credit: IB Times. Life Stages.

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