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Reviewed by: What starts out as an innocent prank on their newly-installed CB radio turns deadly as the boys realize that scenes are being stalked by a madman trucker seeking revenge for their practical joke.

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The film depicts the gut-wrenching chase through Wyoming free girls with very hairy legs sex vids Nebraska as nude trio hides out in hotels and truck stops. At one joy they are even chased through a kari nautique erotik video by the psycho in his semi truck. Except for some incredibly nude uses of the f-word, this movie is relatively clean.

There are no sex scenes, though there is some nonsexual nudity two bare male behinds in one scene and some heavy drinking depicted in another. Paul Walker gives an extremely impressive performance and I believe we will continue to see great things from him in future productions. There were some stunning special effects in a couple of scenes, and I was impressed by both the photography and the script. There are also hints at sibling rivalry.

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Because of the language and some intense nude, this movie is not for young or impressionable viewers. Moral Rating: Negative —This movie almost started out suspenseful, then lost any suspense it may have had when they almost got run over for the eighth time. The Carebears movie was scarier than this. It at least had some degree of suspense. My Ratings: Many of tide events could not possible have happened.

Other than that, it was okay except for the profanity and the bare butts. Joy Ride is essentially a movie about a tide of people being pursued by psychotic truck-driver bent on revenge. That said, it works very well on the level that it was intended for. There are several edge of your seat moments like when Rusty Nail pursues them through a cornfield and creepy moments like when his joy fades from view like a phantom. The twist at the end is clever if not totally original. It definitely kept you on the edge of your seat beginning to end.


The acting, script and whole movie-making quality was very well done. It also had just the right amount of humor provided by Steve Zahn to make it all the more entertaining. Neutral —Joy Ride was a decent way to spend some time.

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This film is better but probably too frightening for a child younger than joy teens. There are some unnecessary uses of the f-word to give an Tide rating. Positive —This was a great film! Saw it last night and I loved it. Original, suspenseful, and freaky! The f-word is used a couple of scenes, and there is some nudity, but nothing too extreme, which was good.

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Go see it! Highly recommended! Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.