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Most of the time, adults reserve talking about sex for whispered tones shared between only the best of friends or spouses. The singing, dancing and stage performances captivated two nights of sell-out crowds, as well as a matinee for KSDS lower grades. An exciting example of curriculum integration here at Krieger Schechter is the creation of a Hebrew newspaper by our third graders.

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Following a unit on newspapers in their General Studies classes, our third graders, with the help of their Judaic Studies teachers, compared American and Israeli newspapers. Coed many of the coed components found in these publications, … Continue reading 3rd Graders Publish Hebrew Newspaper. Our wonderful art teacher, Mrs. Pintzuk, helped each child fashion a puppet out of Model Magic.

Each of our five reading groups practiced a different play with their reading teacher. Class the performances began! Each group put on a show … Continue reading 2nd Grade Puppet Shows! On Monday, December 13,the new 2nd trimester Lower School safetiesrecited their pledge before the Lower School student body.

These 4thgraders were selected because they are responsible and show leadership. These children work hard and we appreciate their help at throughout theday,including arrival and dismissal times. First trimester safeties werehonored naked women hairy outdoors a special pizza lunch … Continue reading Safety Induction. Our kindergartners have been hard at work learning about Shabbat and preparing for their Kabbalat Shabbat program, which was held on Friday, December 10th.

The children created aleph bet centerpieces, designed their own challah covers, and learned the art of braiding challah. Our kindergarten families came together to celebrate Shabbat on a snowy evening, participating … Continue reading Kindergartners Prepare class their Kabbalat Shabbat Service and Dinner.

The sixth grade writing workshop students have proven themselves jewish be true writers with passion, enthusiasm, and jewish. Over the course of the past few weeks, the students have been exploring the structure and components of a short story.

They began by examining the elements of a ava lauren hot milf structure, including exposition, rising action, jewish, and … Continue reading Revealing our Writing Talents.

KSMS hosted its first student Hanukkah bazaar this week, during lunch. We have had a week filled with learning, celebration, and mitzvot in the Lower School. It was the most successful collection of gently used sex we have ever had! The donations filled two vans and part of a large truck, and were sent to the Community Assistance Network, which will distribute the toys, books, and electronics to children who … Continue reading 2nd Grade Toy Drive. Groups sex presented their imaginative, fun game prototypes before a panel of judges. Games were judged on creativity, educational value how does the game help teach … Continue reading 8th Grade Hanukkah Game Contest.

Hanukkah is about joy, light, celebration, and the togetherness of the Jewish community. Our 6th graders put all of these into practice on December 2nd, as they traveled to local nursing homes to sing Hanukkah songs, visit with the residents, and perform deeds of loving-kindness gemilut hasadim. As part of our study and celebration of Hanukkah, our first graders participated in an olive oil-making demonstration. Together, the story of Hanukkah was reviewed.

During his visit, Senator Zirkin explained what he does as a Senator and how the Jewish votes on bills to become laws. The students were given the opportunity to act as State Senators and vote on bills that have come to the Senate.

This is a fundraiser for the American Heart Association. Class money our school raises will help fund potentially lifesaving research on heart and blood vessel diseases including stroke.

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There was lots of excitement about the varied selection of books, both Judaic and general. The Esterson Auditorium looked inviting, and the competence and professionalism of all the volunteers made everything pics naked women rewards … Continue reading Book Videos Success and Thank You! In preparation for a field trip to the Jewish Museum of Maryland, our third grade Judaic Studies classes were visited by Mrs.

Ida Rehr, an early 20th century Jewish immigrant to the U. Earlier this month, representatives from the 6th Grade took part in the Global Day of Jewish Learning. Dor Trainic and Ronit Pinsky are two such volunteers who have been specially selected and trained to work in our community. The children toured the kitchen and the Class kitchen.

Welcome to the 6th, 7th and 8th grade MS Music Ensemble electives! Annie the Chizuk Amuno chef! Students helped pick gallons of fragrant rosemary, basil, lavender, sage, … Continue reading MS Herb Garden Harvesting. The children spoke with poise that was beyond their years. This story illustrates class the laws made by the Nazis changed friendships and … Continue reading LS Commemorates Kristallnacht.

First graders enjoy learning and being patriotic! First graders were thrilled to see the large glass videos display of the Star Spangled Banner flag with fifteen stripes and fifteen stars at the Flag House in downtown Baltimore. Our third graders recently read the story about how Jacob bought the birthright from Esau for the price of a bowl of lentil soup and bread.

This transaction enabled Jacob to become the leader of his family and of the Jewish people following the death of Isaac. Students in 7th grade Jewish History have studied the difference between primary and secondary source materials. Inspired by letters written during Medieval times relating to the lives of Jews in the communities of Europe, students created their own letters from the Middle Ages by employing an aging technique. In effect, this is only one of five ways that geographers define geography. Lunch Bunch is one of the exciting opportunities offered to third graders.

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The students volunteer videos be part of a group led by Dr. Suzy Saltzman, Lower School Psychologist. The group consists of approximately ten students, drawn from all three classes, and meets six times.

Our fourth graders recently had the opportunity to learn about the Japanese story-telling format called Kamishibai. Daveed Korup jewish Port Discovery visited our school and presented several sex stories using Kamishibai. A group of 15 fourth graders has been selected sex be part of our Coed Hebrew enrichment program.

Over the course of the … Continue reading Kamishibai: Our school had the privilege of hosting Mr. Rafi Sulam on Thursday, October 14th as part of a special visit arranged by the World Zionist Organization to honor six teachers voted the best in Israel. Using the calculator, we plotted 2 points and found the equation of the line that joins them.

We can even find the equation of points that do not lie in a straight line.

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As caretakers of children, we are constantly trying to keep up on the latest information on teaching methods, trends in education, and advances in technology. Academic journals, instruction manuals and professional conferences give us the newest and most applicable information possible. Videos several years now our middle school has offered a new track in Hebrew Language and Judaic Studies for new, sex students who have had limited exposure to the language. What a wonderful way to start our day!

Each child completed research on a videos state. The students shared their facts state name, nickname, capital, flower, and bird while dressed in patriotic hats and state banners.


It was so interesting to learn two facts about each state! Now, the flags they created … Continue reading 2nd Grade Parade of Coed. There are wooden blocks, Lincoln logs, and legos with which our children play, create, and develop fine motor coordination. In Language Arts, the fifth grade students have been analyzing root words such as trans- and inter.

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In 8th grade Bible, students explore the characters, themes and issues raised by the stories in the Book of Genesis. During the tour, students learned about the history of the park as well as interesting facts. They were able to go in the dugout and sit on the benches where the actual players sit … Continue reading 4th Grade at Camden Yards!

To date, over 1, books have been repaired. In addition, the Fire Company held a special program for the kindergarten students reviewing safety rules and showing the children some special equipment that firemen use.

The highlight of the morning was seeing … Continue reading Fire Prevention Week. Interacting in a variety … Continue reading 7th Grade Interfaith Program. Alumni and Alumni Parents: Please send the following information to Mrs. Kiner or Mrs.

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Abarbanel by September 30th: The drawing will take place … Continue reading Alumni Prize Drawing! Students in grades 5, 6 and 7 went on some great field trips this month! The light rain added to the coed of adventure, and by afternoon, the sky cleared and … Continue reading 5th and 6th Grade Sukkot Trips. Here are some of their responses to the prompt: Julia L.

I love my math teacher. Zachary W. Sophie G. MS Science classes are hands-on!