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Movies things, natch! Specifically, the clip chronicles what happens after Bree picks up Greg played by delicious and mostly shirtless All My Children alum Cameron Mathison at a bar in the wee hours of the morning — and then unceremoniously kicks him out of her bed at 4 a.

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McCluskey can spot him. House is desperate to get rid of Greg.

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Despite her ease with kicking him to the curb, Greg likes Bree… and wants to see her again. Which is when Bree pulls the ultimate Bree move and offers him one of her patented muffins, which she just happens to have on hand — naturally — by the door to her house.

Tanner on Twitter: By Tanner Stransky January 19, at FB Twitter ellipsis More. Image zoom. Desperate Housewives. TV Show. Episode Recaps Previous. S7 E22 Recap. Desperate Housewives season finale recap: By Christian Blauvelt.

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S7 E21 Recap. Desperate Housewives recap: A Time to Kill. By Tanner Stransky. S7 E20 Recap. A Spoonful of Poison. S7 E19 Recap. Post-Fireworks Lull. S7 E18 Recap. Into the Woods. S7 E17 Recap.

Suicide Isn't Painless. S7 E16 Recap. A Suicide Shocker. S7 E15 Recap. Never Can Say Goodbye. S7 E14 Recap. Weekend at Lynette's.

S7 E12 Recap. Zach Attack. S7 E11 Recap. Wisteria Lane Whodunit. S7 Wives Recap. Disaster Zone. S7 E9 Recap. Jailhouse Block. S7 E8 Recap. Thanks giving But No Thanks. S7 E7 Recap. Jail-Spouse Shock. S7 E6 Recap.

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Fear Factor. S7 E5 Recap. Sex Slump. S7 E4 Recap. It's a Small World. S7 E3 Recap. Girls' Night Bout. S7 E2 Recap.

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Abs-olutely Fabulous. S7 E1 Thai girl licking vagina. Desperate Housewives season premiere recap: There Will Be Fresh Blood. S6 E23 Recap. An Explosive End. S6 E21 Recap.

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