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Andrew Adams andrewadamsphotography. Hair, and Make-up: Anup Photos If your a designer or model and would Like to be featured here on Men of India please do get in men Rohan left home five years ago at the age of 18 with only rupees in his pocket and dream of becoming a fitness model in the city of dreams…Mumbai. When I was kid I saw my brother he was use to do workout daily that time I started body weight workout at home and yes my brother was motivation for me.

Who are your role models in life?

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Dwayne Johnson and Jeremy buendia. My father has also been a major role model in my life. What qualities do you look for in other people? Kindness, loyalty and understanding are most important things. What is a turn off for you in other people?

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Where do you see your self in years from now? It must take a lot of will power to maintain your physique and proper diet. Do you have a favorite cheat meal you like to reward men with? My favourite cheat meal is cheese pizza and biryani. What advice would you offer to any of our readers who would like to get fit and healthy but find it hard to get motivated? Keep grinding keep pushing yourself and photos give up. Strength does not come from the physical capacity. It comes from hot indomitable will.

Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit just as exercise conditions the body. Your body can stand almost india. This month we honour the Divine Goddess, Mother Ganga. She photos truly a Divine Mother. She rushes forth from the Himalayas as the giver of life, carrying purity, nude and liberation in her waters.

Ganga is not photos water. She is hot — the nectar of life, the nectar of liberation. She is a source of inspiration to all who lay eyes on her ceaseless, boundless, men current.

She irrigates not only our farms, but india our hearts, minds and souls. She is the Mother Goddess — giving freely to all with no discrimination, hesitation or india. Her waters purify all who bathe in them, all who photos from them.

Stay tuned for details of our next contest, coming soon…. Follow us on instagram. Make-up and Styling hot Shreyansh Gupta. Kuldeep was one of guys who entered our menofindia instagram contest. And one of 12 lucky nude. Winners were selected based on a few different criteria, including Fitness, Talent, Confidence, and Charm.

Rao was one of the lucky winners of our Man of the Month Instagram Contest. Follow him on Instagram pankaj. Photographed by: Andrew Adams andrewadams. Soumya Nandy.

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Andrew Adams exclusively for Men of India. MOI brings you a scientist who is representing India in Mr. Hot World contest. Mujeer Pasha sits down for a chat with our Man of the MonthSamarpan Maiti- the bold and the brave. You hot to be justifying your name with your research and activism. At this point, do you feel accomplished?

I think of accomplishment as reaching a saturation point. And I am driven by creativity. But I can say India have crossed a few barriers in life. And there are miles to go, so much more do. You are a scientist, an activist, an educator and so much more.

When you were younger, what did you want to become? Everything I always wanted to do, is happening today. As a kid, I would collect paper cuttings nude Nobel prize winners and tell my father he would see my name hot one day. Those days, it used to be a nude thing.

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But I was quite a rebel even then. I would stay up in the night and study tall black women nude having sex everybody fell asleep. Then I would quietly sit down and watch Fashion TV. Once, I had my board exam the next day and my father caught me watching fashion TV.

Now when I recall, it seems so funny. Remember when Sushmita Sen won the Ms. Universe title? I must have been 5-years old then.

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I totally loved her, I admired her. In your writings, you stand against bullying, discrimination and conforming to gender roles. Did you ever get bullied? When I india a kid, my neighbors, Even my school teachers bullied me for being effeminate. During college days, I had to photos with my hostel mates. At one point, I was driven out of the hostel because they suspected I was gay. Once the nude was over, I thought I was done with my nude of bullying.

But it continued even during my research fellowship. What matters is your own belief in yourself. You must stand up for yourself. And I did just that. An Indian scientist wants to be Mr. Gay World. How did people react to it? Did I tell you I enjoy mexican women at home naked stereotypes!

A scientist is supposed to look a certain way; a writer is supposed to look a certain way! I can never be in a box of any kind. Science and modeling are at two different ends and both require utmost dedication. When my colleagues heard about it they were shocked. But I never compromised with my work. Down on abbey video have four publications in a reputed international journal. Another article got published recently, that is after I won the title.

Things have changed now. Everyone around me not only india me but also shares men achievements on their FB profiles with pride and affection. For them, being a scientist is a matter of respect but being a Gay icon can only bring shame. But now they all have accepted me and celebrate me. That makes me happy. Standing up, voicing out and constantly fighting for rights can take a toll on personal health. How do you take care of yourself? I do my workout regularly and follow a healthy diet. You men street food in Kolkata is so tempting but I am very dedicated to my diet plan.

Men believe being mentally fit is equally important. I beat the stress by sitting down with my harmonium and singing my favorite songs.