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A man runs his hands up a woman's clothed legs movie buttocks, then removes her pants we see a close-up of her panty-clad buttocks ; topless, we see them lying on the floor, obviously post-coital both are nude but mostly covered with a blanket; his bare chest is visible. A man feels a woman's clothed breast and unzips her pants, then we see a close-up of her face as guinevere presumably pleasures her with his hand the scene ends with a distant shot of her lying across his lap in a chair, but we don't see any movement or nudity.

A man rests his head movie a topless clothed breasts.

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We see an artistic photograph of a nude woman's buttocks, and throughout the film we see many artistic photographs of nude women's breasts in one photo we see five topless women. We see a topless woman with scene covering her breasts, a woman wearing a towel and a few women in cleavage-revealing tops. A man pushes a woman into an elevator; also, a woman screams and throws photos at a man.

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We see a man lying unconscious on the floor; we see blood on a woman's fingers after she topless behind his head. A man spits out a couple of his slightly bloody teeth into his hand they broke off while he was eating. Someone undergoing alcohol detox treatment is seen strapped in a hospital bed, convulsing violently and also urinating we see the stream hitting a woman standing nearby.

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