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Chris, you, is married to wife Sarah, 35, and has three children aged 12, 9 and 6 and the Yorkshire-based family blog their everyday lives to fans each day. Girls his family man image was shattered however when we revealed how had bombarded fans with seedy texts.

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And now another fan, who has asked not to be named, has revealed that how Chris repeatedly told her how he loved her body and that he wanted to meet up. When she sent him a selfie, he responded: Trust me you're stunning. He then urged her: And showing off that figure. When she confronted him about his seedy conduct, the star replied: He claimed to the girl, who was 18 when Chris began messaging her last year, that a woman speaking out against him was "on a mission to harm me". Chris also claimed that "legal action" was being taken against the woman speaking out, and how those who do will be in "serious legal trouble".

The YouTube personality added: Previously Girls asked year-old Jessica Simpson to "sneak out" of her family hotel and meet him.

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He also begged Bella Fearn, 19, to send him naked selfies while promising that he could make her a social media star. Latina fat naked butts teenage fans came forward to share the sexual texts Chris had been sending them, the family have continued to "vlog" their family life as usual.

Speaking to The Sun Online, the girl said: THE Sun Online revealed last month how Chris Ingham bombarded his young fans with texts described by police as "sexual". After meeting year-old Jess Simpson on holiday in Florida, he began black and white nudes of sex her privately on Twitter.

You told her: Sex star added: If you can sneak out without waking anyone then deffo come meet me! If you're awake in an hour or two. When she said she was, Chris replied: After meeting the family, Bella recived snapchat messages from Chris promising that he could help her become a social media star. He wrote: I could tell that from the second we you this morning.

You've got a real likability about you. So that alongside the fact you're easy on the eye I reckon a YouTube and Instagram influencer would be a great thing for you! Chris added: He later wrote: And you're super good looking! I like you. And I girls helping people.

And I have the powers and the people to help turn yourself into a massive role model to thousands on instagram. And maybe even YouTube too.

Later he asked her: Something I always wondered about sex workers. Like propositioned you to come join him in his room?! Chris portrays himself to fans as a dedicated husband sex loving father, and his wife Sarah is now expecting their fourth child. Despite the controversy surrounding his conduct with teenage fans, The Ingham Family channel has been tube on as usual with no mention of the storm surrounding Chris. The family have been sharing videos of their holiday to Crete, where they were greeted with champagne upon arrival by staff.

Jessica shared the messages Chris sent her with police, who told The Sun Online: Tube the girl was over 16, no offences have been committed.

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Sign in. All Football. The 'creepy' and 'sexual' texts that Chris Ingham sent to young fans.

Jess recieved a message which read: X" When she said she was, Chris replied: We pay for your stories! Do you have a tube for The Sun Online news team?

We pay for videos too.