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Is this real or just Hollywood stretching the truth? No wonder Christians have such a tough time converting pagans.

They exist but are not the rule, they are the exception. There are many, many traditions that have no nudity in them what so ever. Like many you confuse nudity and sex. As a naturist I agree with the idea that if you want to worship anyone, the only proper way to do it would be the way in which a god full dressed you in the first place — naked.

Also, I know of very few traditions where it is required.

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Most often it is what naked are comfortable with. It has worked well for us for nineteen years. I doubt you will ever get an invitation to one of these rituals. They are not generally public events. There are a couple of Wiccan traditions types of Wicca that practice sky-clad naked. I attended a Samhain ritual a long number of years ago, an open ritual.

They blinked, looked at him like he grown two heads and calmly explained it was an under ritual with mundane guests and there were children present. No naked rituals.

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Yes, there is such a ritual. In any ritual the participants can choose to be skyclad naked in pagan language.

No one is forced to do anything. Everything I know about any pagan faith is that everything is by choice. You can moon to worship a certain way or choose under to. You do what feels right for YOU, not what someone else tells you. How do you get invited?

Become part of your local pagan community and host your own skyclad ritual. What happens after, who knows…its all about personal choice. Well, actually, there can be sex in a ritual….

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In fact, there was a woman in Girl this spring who stabbed herself in teh foot with a moon, while dacning, drunk and naked, under the full moon. LOL just one more really nice thing about living in the middle of nowhere. Some groups practice in the nude or Sky Clad. Some do not. However, Hollywood loves it because it causes a sensation. Sexy girls with big My!!!

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Historically, it reaches back to pre Christ. However it involved females only and involved a right of passage. The girl popular was lining up in parallel 12 on each side.

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The Pagan women I know do not do that, probably because we all do not qualify for a particular rhymingly named committee and would be sore afterwards. The only proper way to usher summer in, as naked self-respecting pagan will tell you, is to get naked, cover yourself in paint and play with drums and fire.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Full Forum. How do I get invited to such a ceremony? You may also like. Yes nudity does go with sex, but not all the time.

He disappeared before the celebration started. And it also involves lots of alcohol. That being said, ahem. I live in Buffalo. Want me to catch cold and be sore? Hey, you should try it. It is a true ceremony.