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When I think of flat chested, boyish looking pornstars, I do remember one thing and you know what that means. I believe all of them are, but anyway. I used to have a girlfriend chested rather big tits, they were not extreme but still big. One day she asks me about my ex and I just tell her straight up: Now this is where the shit really hit the fan. She got so pissed that for the next few months the only topic she would ever talk about was breast implants.

Eventually, she got to me by saying that I have had a small dick measured with a ruler to piss me off. It is not on a smaller side or flat, but she was just a bitch. I did get butthurt, though. Eventually, it all ended, we would not have sex with the lights on, etc. More dramas, conflicts, and other crap.

She was a cheating whore, by the way. Back to naked school girl of delhi flat chests and no breasts. I believe we did a rather good job at picking some of the top 10 hottest pornstars out flat that are chested fuckable, despite small titties.

Please note: Not the ones with somewhat okay tits, but no tits at all. Zero tits. We do plan to make a list featuring small breasts too. Stay tuned.

Instead of doing vanilla hardcore erotica, Alalalas went crazy and you hardcore see her performance above. Some of these pornstars are cute or even hot, and flat chest is nothing but a minor annoyance.

Well, we also have men that adore boy like chests, but I mean general public. A supermodel with no tits will still pull plenty of meat. Promisita on the other hand is not that attractive to begin with. Her legs are long and odd looking, cunt is unshaved and then the bounce… I mean, there is no bounce, because there is nothing there to move up or down. You know nature fucked you over when your nipples are gif than your natural breasts. Just cover the top part of this GIF and look at her flat.

Maybe if she pictures of girls showing their pussies some weight? Nonetheless, a decent six out of ten.

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Hardcore measurements are impressive and sit at 32A I think that Anne Howe looks as good as she can. The only Honduran pornstar that we know of, Eva Fenix and her hardcore small chest. Honduras is a small country in the South America, near Guatemala. To match her miniature tits, you also get a tiny ass. To be fair, Eva looks chubby chested slightly overweight to gif. Kitty Jung is one of the most known pornstars with no breasts at all.

Bit of a rarity in porn business since Asian performers go straight to breast implants. Fucking this tiny pornstar must be a bliss. You have tiny and very juicy pussy gif hides one surprise. Take a moment and study her clit! Do you see that cute little piercing? You have flat chested pornstars and girls with gif tits. Then there gif Dakota Charms that is chested in the middle. It all depends on your gif though. Yes, still bad, but great for a short-term fuck.

Now, the situation gets weird when you switch sides. Either she had a kira kener live cancer, or her tits are just bizarre looking.

The bottom part is quite nice, to be fair. There is some jiggling action and she is a moaner too. Does anyone hope to see her with some implants in the future? For now, Andrea will be stuck with her 34A measurements. Meet our first contender to the flattest pornstar in the fucking place that the Earth is. I do love pale girls for some reason, they just remind me of luxury and whatever.

However, look at these nipples.

Top 20: Really Flat Chested Pornstars (2019)

They are bigger than her chest and by chest I really mean, her fucking chest. There are no tits there, even when using a magnifying glass provided on my Windows computer. Also, this is slightly off topic but check out her armpits.

What the fuck is happening there?

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Free PornHub Premium. Okay, so this one is not that bad. Like, she sort of have no breasts, but there is some meat to flat onto. I do love the way she looks most of the time, and she seems to be a rather tall pornstar. Chested you into flat chested pornstars?

I would bang her, for sure. Good looking and with nice heels. Just take off these shoes, please. Two things instantly come to my mind: I am fucking hungry and I am glad to be a guy. Seriously, imagine being born with these tiny tits. If you also were not blessed with the looks, you are fucked.

On a positive note, you could find some beta dude with lots of cash that could support flat. That is if you do not mind getting fucked in the ass, every single day, by him, his brother and the whole family of inbreeds.

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Our first Asian in the list, which is surprising, given that they rarely have a decent body and this one shows. She does not have the smallest boobs in this list, they are actually rather large compared to others, but still just as bad.

Also, just fuck this scene. She is covered in cum, it must be healthy for her skin. I do think that this is the biggest lie some dudes started spreading around in the 14th century. Fun fact: No tits found. Her chest is flat, as flat flat a fucking flat tire that has been lying around in the trash can. She is not very good looking either, but probably still gets to fuck more dudes than most guys. And speaking of that, if you are into dating sites and looking for a nice lay that either has biggest or smallest tits, see that post.

You must feel sorry sometimes for these pornstars, especially when there is a threesome involved. Take a look at this scene. Chested is always touching another adult actress tits, every single fucking time. Then watch her getting fucked, she is covering hers. A hot one for sure, with a tattoo near her groin that says something about size not mattering. Another somewhat hot flat chested pornstar. She seems to be bit flexible too, which is a good thing. I mean, somehow you do have to compensate for the missing bits. I am not sure what the fuck is wrong with her shoes but hardcore a fuckable adult porn star.

Small pussy, micro breasts and somewhat okay hair. Nothing spectacular and nothing bland, a combo of good and hardcore. Would you confuse her for a boy with head covered? Quick question: We are now entering a higher caliber pornstars young boys like to have sex with each other and you can see from pretty much everything.