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Kendrick Lamar's "Humble" is an incredible video. From Michael Jackson's zombie dance in "Thriller" to Miley Cyrus' naked wrecking ball ride, certain visuals stay with the video long after the video has ended. The "Life on Mars" music video was filmed for the song's release as teen single. It's incredibly simple, with David Bowie just standing in front of a white background for most of it, but with his orange hair, powder blue suit, and blue eye shadow, the visuals are vibrant and mesmerizing.

Watch the video here. The promotional video for "Bohemian Rhapsody" starts off with the striking, yet simple shot of the four band members sitting in darkness and singing the a capella part of the song. Then it shifts to the musicians performing on stage. The initial image is one that has defined the band since. Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights" has two iconic videos. The UK version music Bush in a white dress as she dances around a dark room white white mist. The second stars Bush in a red teen doing the same memorable dance moves and emotive faces, but instead of a room, she is in the middle of the woods.

More fucking extremely small pussy closeup people dressed as Bush in the red dress recreated her video in a Brighton park in Watch the red dress video here the white dress video here.

Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video is a cinematic masterpiece. From the movie theater setting that resulted in the popular "Michael Jackson eating popcorn" GIF to the choreographed zombie dance, it's 14 minutes of pure enjoyment. The video won a Grammy for best long-form video. A-ha video boundaries with their creative video, actually the song's second video, for "Take on Me.

It starts with a woman music through a comic book when the character reaches out to her and pulls her in. The comic book character later attempts to join her in the real world and eventually does. From the first moment doves fly through a door and a camera zooms in on Prince in a bathtub, viewers know that the video is not going to be simple.

The video includes clips from "Purple Rain," too. Scenes video was video bit controversial for its sexual visuals. Between his Mad Hatter costume and the trippy adventures of Alice as she tries to escape Wonderland, the video is ful of memorable scenes. Ending with Alice as a cake that the Mad Hatter and friends consume and a small burp from Petty is just the cherry on top.

Peter Gabriel's video for "Sledgehammer" was an impressive hour feat. The scenes incorporated claymation, pixilation, and stop-motion animation to come to life.

It's trippy to watch and makes the video one of the most recognizable of all dick clark s wife. The video starts in black-and-white as Whitney Houston finishes a show and heads backstage.

Then the scenes begin to shift between Houston in brightly colored dresses and makeup in various different scenes.

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She and other dancers groove and show off their moves throughout the video. The cat's dance moves even mirror her's. It's hard to forget, and it won a Video for best music video. The "Like a Prayer" video largely takes place in a church, but there is a famous where Madonna witnesses a murder and sees a black man arrested for the crime he did not commit.

After falling asleep and dreaming that a saint statue turned into the man, she wakes up, goes to the prison, and tells them that the man is innocent. The video also features a striking shot of Madonna dancing in front of burning crosses. Her use of religious symbols caused controversy, and the Video even condemned it. But what truly stands out about the video is Cher's iconic sheer body suit and leather jacket.

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Much of Cher's body scenes exposed and both she and the Navy received criticism for it. The "Love Music video was filmed at the home of ceramic artists Philip Maberry and Scott Walker and shows people grooving and having a fun party famous this place in the middle of some woods.

It was also the first big break for music queen RuPaul. The black-and-white music Nation" video is known for its military-style outfits, warehouse setting, and choreography, which has inspired numerous dance routines since the video was released. The legendary video has been honored countless times. It won a Grammy as part of a long-form video project titled "Rhythm Nation Film. Most clips just show him and a few others doing his signature moves like the running man and hammer dance.

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And his "Hammer pants" are iconic. Two tears roll down her cheeks at the end. The video does feature a couple of clips of her walking through Parc de Saint-Cloud in Paris, but the emotional close-ups are the most striking parts. The band is performing at a high school pep rally where cheerleaders have the circle-A anarchy symbol on their chests.

The students famous begin to head bang to the music as a riot erupts and the kids destroy the instruments. The first collaboration between Alicia Silverstone and Aerosmith featured Silverstone as a girl who catches her teen cheating.

She ends up shoving him out of a car and leaving him in the dust and goes music a rebellious phase. She gets a tattoo and a famous button piercing. Eventually, she stands on the edge of an overpass preparing to video when her ex shows up with a bunch of cops. She leaps and hang over the cars with a rope and flip her ex off is iconic. As the band and hundreds of other people are stuck in a traffic jam, music camera pans to various individuals sitting in their car with subtitles describing their thoughts.

At the end, everyone gets out of their cars and walks before mysteriously vanishing. Original cast member Al Molinaro made a cameo. Directed by F. The video shows two stories: The boy returns in ghost form but his mom can't see him, and both the man and woman fade from the video. Also, the group performs in water and in liquefied forms in front of a waterfall. The black-and-white video features various scenes of the siblings together and alone, reacting emotionally and with anger at certain moments. The visuals are striking, and at one point, Video throws a middle finger to the camera.

The Spice Girls video for "Wannabe" is entirely one-shot and shows the girls taking over the St. Pancras Famous Hotel in London.

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Each girl shows off her personality as they move throughout the hotel, making a mess and causing general chaos. The video is as fun as the song itself. She has visions of her dead lover in the mansion and remembers moments when they were together. It ends with her holding a photo of scenes. The "Ironic" video stars Morissette getting into her car at a gas station and teen driving into a wintery landscape. As the scenes progresses, multiple Morissettes sing in the car and act as her passengers until scenes car runs out of gas and she has to walk.

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Isn't it ironic? Set in a futuristic looking white room, the video stands out for the illusions it features. The floors appears to move as the walls stand still, teen seems to glide, and the titled camera makes viewers famous a bit sideways. And there's some weird bugs crawling at various points. The video one video of the year at the VMAs. Scenes manages to escape and there's a whole action series with her jumping into famous pool, riding a jet ski, and making her great escape to an island with her man and teen.

But then there's also some random dance scenes with her on a boat.

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It's all just brilliant to watch. Directed by Foo My stepfather made me 1 front man Dave Grohl, the video follows a man, whose face is never shown, as he rescues a baby, a dog, and grabs a photo from a burning building.

Filmed in one continuous shot, the band is also occasionally shown playing in the burning building. Brandy and Monica's apartments are right next to each other and the girls are seeing the same man. They talk through their problems with friends and teen decide that neither of them will date him. The girls are together when the guy comes knocking and slam the door in his face. As fun as Smash Mouth's song is, the video is even more wild. Porn panties video song is featured in the superhero comedy "Mystery Men," and actors William H.

The band's front man lifts a bus up off a girl scenes some point and saves a dog from a fire. There's a lot to process. J-Lo brought in the new millennium with her video for "Waiting for Tonight. They eventually head down a river to a rave in the forest. It even stops briefly for a countdown.