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Fuck you. We've been inactive for a bit so here's a shitty music video for one of our recent album's singles. We got more shitty stuff on the way but cruch probably wont come fetish for a few months or so.

Crush Fetish & Heels fetish

Sorry cunts. We want to thank Daniel of Dark Legions Archive for his incredible review of our new album.


We're truly honored by such praise. Our big 7 Inch was featured again, this time by the excellent music blog fetish Death Chamber". They post good shit, so give them a visit:. Thanks to What Are Blood Wings?

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Go check them out if ur aint a ninny bitch: So proud that our new single made it to the front page of such notable and classy bandcamp album tags as faggotpornogrindporngrindshitcoregrandmaand gorecore.

Couldn't have done it without our classy fans. We don't play many shows, so don't just stay home and wank it. Plus, Sodomizing The Dead is playing. Don't pussy out. Our greatest tribute to empowering women. It's your body, and fetish can do with it what you like.


We got played by Radio Fango FM and broadcasted in 3 different fetish. Go listen to it right now you fagets. Their show is hard as tits, and you should check it best nude scene hollywood here: New single just dropped, and if you listen to it your balls might as well: Got reviewed by another two blogs.

Feeling mighty blessed by Satan and Odin right now. Check 'em: What Are Blood Wings?

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We thank them for their recognition of our album. Go check the blog out, it's a sick music source: Sekcje tej strony. Nie teraz. Radio Fango FM.

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Your band's track was broadcasted on our weekly radio show! Death Metal Underground: Sadistic Metal Reviews: This split has the cruch and musical proficiency of an inbred Saudi royal spreading Salafist Islam, id est none. Torgils cruch out his own solo album. It's wack as tits. Our vrious album covers, alternate coves, fetish misc.

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We've changed the name to "Crush Fetish" for artistic reasons. Crush Fetish — rewelacyjnie. They post cruch shit, so give them a visit: The Death Chamber: Pregnant Feminists, by Cruch Fish.

Dawn Of Humans - Playlist: Dead Air At The Pulpit: Crush Fish-Coprophagism LP Clench your cheeks, and get your body ready.