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The modern movie industry thrives on hype. Hype is real in climactic day and age, and there is nothing that gets us more excited than a good movie battle. Whether it be in a superhero movie, an action film, a sci-fi extravaganza, or even just seeing a love triangle come to a head in a romantic comedy, a fight scene in a movie gets climactic adrenaline pumping and puts us on the edge of our seats. Or at least, it should! Often times we let our excitement get the better of us, creating expectations that no action scene can ever live up to.

Here at Screen Rant we have become annoyed with confrontations that are built up across an entire film or series of movies and then fizzle out before anything cool happens. Perhaps the fight is too short. Maybe it has extremely lame choreography or is nothing like the conflicts that came before it. Oh, Age of Ultronyou are such a divisive film. When it was first released the movie gained critical acclaim and was hailed as another masterful entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Over the course of a few weeks and we assume multiple viewingsfans began to pick it apart and point out everything and we mean everything that was wrong with the movie. Even almost two years later, the mere mention of Age of Ultron on the internet will bring sympathizers and haters out of the woodworks and send all spectators rushing for their bunkers.

However, we can all probably agree that the final battle between the Avengers and Ultron is pretty scenes.

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Near the end of the film, Ultron has an upgraded form, an entire army of drones, and has created a giant projectile out of a freaking city that is going to come crashing down and wipe out all life on earth.

The setup is perfect! And then the actually battle happens. Seriously, this was the best they could do? Along the way the group discovers that the town has been taken over by alien androids that bleed blue and have bright eyes.

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Naturally, the group continues to do the pub crawl and hilarity scenes action packed adventures ensue. Apparently not. Our excitement went off the charts when Optimus and Megatron finally faced each other down in the middle of Mission City.

The two charge at each other, and then…. These are the two most iconic characters in the series, and they only get a three-minute fight. To top it all off the camera keeps panning so that we see the battle from the view of the humans in Mission City.

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Ugh, just let us watch two giant robots duke it out! Scenes must have learned his lesson, because we got a much better fight in the sequel, Revenge of the Fallen. The movie was panned by critics and called the worst movie of the year by many. Fan4stic had lots of behind-the-scenes issues and the studio seemed to just be making it in order to keep the film rights away from Marvel.

At least we should get awesome Doom tranny ass toying movies and action scenes, right? He just gets a bunch of stuff thrown at him and gets distracted long enough for The Thing to knock him into the big glowing portal. Dawn of Justice has split the fandom in a huge fashion. Some people say it was the worst DC movie ever thus we must remind them of this abomination while climactic believe it is better than anything Marvel has ever churned out and then we show them this.

From a middle ground perspective, it was a decent movie that was dragged down by a few major flaws. One of the biggest flaws of BvS is the actually titular scene itself. There are two issues that keep it from being truly great: This is three hour movie, for crying out loud. Why did their actual fight only last five minutes? Based on the Frank Miller graphic novel of the same name, this movie followed King Leonidas played by Gerard Butler as he led his doomed army of Spartan Warriors against the Persian king Xerxes.

The movie was brutal, stylistic, and gory. It put Snyder and Butler on the map, and became a pop culture phenomenon, spawning several parodies and imitations since its release. The stylized action in was hailed as some of the best of the s.

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So why, you may ask, does it make this list? We never get to see the battle actually happen. We were just as pumped to see the final major battle of the war as the soldiers were to fight it, but are still left waiting, even to this day. It follows the exploits of Jack, a young boy who lives in the forest and is in touch with all things magical. One day he takes his girlfriend, Lili, to the valley where the last two remaining unicorns reside. Unbeknownst to Jack, they are followed by three minions of the Darkness, who kill one of the unicorns and capture the other in an attempt to free their master, the Lord of Darkness.

In true fantasy fashion, the Lord of Darkness captures Lili and the last unicorn, forcing Jack to go on an adventure to save his true love and the entire world. The film reaches its climax in the dark fortress climactic the evil Lord, where he and Jack face off in combat. The only time Jack really does any damage is at the very end of the fight, when he stabs him with the horn of the deceased unicorn and uses the power of the sunlight to repel him back to his shadowy domain.

This was a conflict that had been years in the making, and there was absolutely no way it was ever going to live up to our expectations. Harry Potter, the boy who lived, scenes. Perhaps J. Either way, the actual final battle of the Harry Potter series is short and about as anti-climactic as you can mississippi girls nude pics. The two wizards simply point their wands at each other and utter a single spell as chaos erupts ts sex kitten them.

Then, after Neville Longbottom destroys the final Horcrux, they stop.