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The entire alphabet.

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A Greek artist, Anastasia Mastrakouli from Corfu, has created an alphabet from silhouettes of a naked person to draw attention to the relationship between anatomy and visual art. As neked vehicle to carry a message the work is very successful, but there is far more to consider in the relationship of people and their bodies.

I suppose the first point to artist is that the alphabet created is English. This suggests that the work is for consumption by a particular group of observers outside her native Greece.

She also explores the erotic suspense of the naked female form using the notion of a sex glass screen behind which the action is taking place.

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Oh, to peek behind the screen, is the natural if unspoken refrain. The populist notion of such an idea puts us off-guard. But then the abstracted shape of the letters, imperfectly formed, need interpretation and engliah causes neked to look closely at the shape behind the letter.

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Would anybody be able to read a text written in this alphabet? Tied up xxx we look closer But we engliah, caught in the trap so beautifully set by the artist, exposed from the flimsy cover of society's tacit agreement to couch our animal instincts in the higher, more noble cause of art, exposed in our eternal pursuit of self gratification.

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