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Erotic art — in letters and in pictures — is an eminent part of the cultural gif bj hands free of ancient China, and was already flourishing in pre-Imperial times.

With its peak during the late-Ming period, this art remained a fixed feature in Chinese literature and visual arts until well into the fitness girl hot nude perfect th century.

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At its best, Chinese erotic art sex a search for images of men fuckin in all asian manifestations, asian not only does it offer stimulation, it provides a source of great aesthetic pleasure. It never presents sex in a crude or pornographic way, but within a framework of beauty and harmony, enhanced with details of a profound or symbolic nature. Yet it was precisely this kind of art, which was strictly prohibited and banned after upheavals of different governments.

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When the communists grabbed power inthey made a definite end to the rich tradition of the erotic art expressions. Their puritan obsession knew no bounds. After about 50 years of oppression, pictures massive interest in sexuality recently erupted in China. Tantalizing lingerie and a wide variety of stimulants is openly offered. Also prostitution is rampant again in bar, hotels and entertainment centres of the large cities.

Despite these developments, the current Chinese government is very sensitive to their cultural erotic heritage. Officially, ancient Chinese erotic art is still considered pornography and therefore forbidden. New pictures have no access to the philosophical and esoteric sexual culture of their ancestors. Sadly, most guidance and education in this field is provided on the Internet in the form of violent and humiliating Japanese porn movies, which are in all aspects, so radically different from — and often the opposite of — the traditional Taoist approach of subtle harmony.

Complete album of 10 paintings on silk and 10 calligraphies op paper, dating from the late Ming period.

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Many of the pictures reproduced are unique in their style and content, and have never been published before. The text and descriptions in this book are the result of many years of pictures research by one of the principal authorities in this field: The erotic life of sex China — so different from Western sensibilities — can best be understood through the exceptional works pictures art which it inspired.

Over one hundred of the most beautiful masterpieces sex this golden age — many never before published — reveal the voluptuous secrets of a lost world. An essay by Jacques Pimpaneau traces the development of Chinese eroticism in its cultural context, emphasizing the influence of religions and historical events on sexual practises.

Commentaries by Ferdinand Bertholet asian the cultural symbolism of the paintings. Opium was long regarded as a gift from heaven. Opulently illustrated Concubines and Courtesans offers a wide-ranging examination of erotic artifacts from the end of the Ming Dynasty, aroundto the heyday of Shanghai in the s. It includes luxurious reproductions of prints, watercolours, oil paintings, ivory carvings, pottery, fans, and screens, among other items.

The author gives a careful analysis of the sex of erotic art in China and includes rare photographs on subjects such as foot-binding and prostitution.

Examining these works as artifacts of Chinese culture, this book gives a uniquely comprehensive perspective on eroticism, romantic love, religious belief, and asian roles in Chinese history.

The photographs evoke pictures life in the Celestial Empire during the 19 th centurywhen the Dragon Throne struggled to hold its ground. Its countless subjects, while clinging to ancient traditions, considered Westerners as barbarians, disturbing their Eternal Piece. The often daring efforts of Western and, later, also Chinese asian offer us rare glimpses into a way of life that has long since disappeared.

Stunning portraits of both rich and poor, tantalising scenes of daily life and serene landscapes are presented here within a unique, comprehensive perspective, allowing each of the images to speak for itself.

They reveal a stagnant, slumbering society that is slowly waking up to the needs of change and development. In the second part of this impressive volume a selection of striking photographs evokes the Republican period, when Chinese society begins to face these challenges. Bertholet Amsterdam, made several long journeys through Asia. It was on one of these travels that he sex encountered an album of Chinese erotic paintings, in an antique shop in Hong Kong.

He was immediately struck by the subtle expression of romance and the harmonious composition and colouring of the works. As he studied the subject further, and learned to recognize pieces of high quality, he found that good items had become very rare. Nevertheless, he began an impassioned search for top quality Chinese erotic paintings, ivory carvings and porcelain, which lasted for more than 35 years, and resulted in ancient is now generally regarded as the largest and most important sex of its kind.

Over the years several major museums have organized exhibitions ancient which parts of the Bertholet collection were presented.

Ferry Bertholet udmun T Chinese Erotic Art. Love Poems. Wang Sheng Complete album of 10 paintings on silk and 10 calligraphies op paper, dating from the late Ming period, —18 x 17 cm. Gardens of Pictures. Anonymous Complete set of 8 paintings formerly in the collection asian C. LooKangxi period ancientink and ancient on silk, Scenes of Love. Rou putuan The Prayer Mat of Flesh.

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Yanqin Yiqing Intimate scenes of Love Games. A Private Assignation. Meiren Beauty at her Bath. Xixiang ji History of the West Pavilion.

Studies — Subtile Pleasures. Love Games. Phalluses of Ancient, Ceramics and Bronze. Ivory Carvings, late Ming period.

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Ivory Panels. Bamboo Panels inlaid with Ivory and semi-precious sculpted stones. Porcelain Plates and Cups. Porcelain Snuff Bottles. Porcelain Figures. Reverse Glass Paintings. Silk Lotus Shoes in various styles.

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Gouaches on Pith Paper. Collections Photography. Early 19th Century. English edition in preparation. The Bertholet Collection. Content is protected!!