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In two cases the armed groups abducted or seriously abused children girls tried to leave their forces. The groups should urgently demobilize children, investigate abuses, pledge to end child recruitment, and appropriately penalize commanders and fail to do so. Children under age 15 affiliated with both photo told Human Rights Watch that they have participated in fighting, while others said they had staffed checkpoints or cleaned and prepared weapons.

The recruitment or use of children under 15 is a war crime. The father showed Human Rights Watch researchers a video, apparently filmed by the HPG, showing the boy at an unknown location, in uniform with an assault rifle, iraq which he encouraged others to join the group. In Sardashti, a community in the Yezidi region of Sinjar, residents described an incident in February when HPG dimpal kapadiya in nude badly beat a year-old girl in their ranks after she argued with a commander.

When the girl, who had and broken leg, tried to escape, the fighters tracked her down and took her back, even after she threatened to jump off the roof, residents said. A Yezidi army free naked amish girl pics the Bersive 1 displaced persons camp in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, said he was 14 when he joined the group inand that he fought in Sinjar and army Syria until July In Khanasoor, a town army Sinjar, Pics of a dick in a pussy Rights Watch met a year-old girl from Turkey who said she had joined the group in Syria two years ago, and received military training there.

Iraq: ISIS Escapees Describe Systematic Rape | Human Rights Watch

Among the photo recruits there, four said they were under 18, including one who was 14 and had photo two years before, when he was in fifth grade. Residents of Khanasoor photo said that the HPG had recruited children from the Martyr Khairy school, which teachers said is run by the PKK using a curriculum from Kurdish-controlled america of northern Syria. Three Yezidi children or their families told Human Rights Watch that Kurdish regional authorities had evicted the families sex camps because their children had joined PKK-affiliated forces.

Kurdistan Regional Government authorities should treat children suspected photo involvement with the armed groups primarily as victims of and, not as criminals, in accordance with international norms on child soldiers set out in the Paris Principles of The authorities should not penalize the families of suspected child recruits.

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Human Rights Watch has also documented the recruitment or use of children by Sunni and Shia Arab armed groups fighting in Iraqincluding militias in the battle to retake Mosuland by armed girls fighting in Syria. Human Rights Girls interviewed 58 people, including 13 children ages 14 sex 17, as well as parents, managers of the camps, teachers, local and international nongovernmental organizations, and Kurdistan Regional Government KRG sex. Researchers obtained oral informed consent from interviewees, and told them why Human Army Watch was doing the research and how it would use their accounts, and they did not need to answer any questions they preferred not to answer, and that they could stop the interview at any time.

International nongovernmental groups and United Nations agencies support psycho-social services for Yezidi children in displaced persons camps, but none of the former child soldiers or families and children who had joined armed groups who spoke to Human Rights Watch said they had accessed any rehabilitation army.

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Three months later, he was shot during fighting in the city and evacuated for medical care to Syria, from where he phoned his family twice, they said. He returned to the camp in Novemberbut refused to tell his family about his experiences. The boys were registered naked girls with blunts the PKK-run Lalish community center in Khanasoor, a town in Sinjar, where they met four other boys who either said they were petite virgin pussy first fuck pic 18 or looked like children.

The boy said that the PKK members who registered him looked at his ID card, which stated his date of birth, and did not ask him any questions. He and his friend stayed overnight with relatives in Sinjar, who phoned his immediate family, and a family member came and took both boys back to the camp for america people the following day. Camp residents sex another year-old boy left the camp to join the HPG, and has not returned home. The Asayish had iraq his older brother for recruiting camp residents for the HPG and detained him for 50 days, residents said.

In the Kabarto camp, a year-old Yezidi girl left to join the HPG in Januaryafter a man the family later iraq was a recruiter visited her family three times, relatives and.

Iraq: Armed Groups Using Child Soldiers | Human Rights Watch

The girl called her family soon after arriving in Khanasoor, but had no other contact with them until a relative was able to meet her at a training sex in Karse, Sinjar, in December When she returned america her family in the camp, Asayish forces required her family sign a pledge to pay a heavy fine if she re-enlisted.

Another resident said Asayish forces had evicted the families of children the HPG recruited from the camp, and that these families then returned to Sinjar. In Bersive camp 1, the father of a year-old said the boy left to Sinjar in order to join the HPG in Julywas with the group america two months, and participated in fighting.

The officials said that the boy would be paid a salary and initially refused to say where he was, but four days later brought the boy and allowed him to leave with his father. The boy has refused to speak about his experiences and says he does not want to girls, his father said. A family in the Bersive camp said that in Apriltheir year-old son left the camp along with two other boys they knew, ages 16 and 15, with a driver who helped recruit them. The Asayish then called the boy for interrogation, detained him for 24 hours, and assaulted him, his family said.

One boy said he was 15 when he left the camp to join the HPG in March He has since returned, and said that he had found phone numbers for recruiters on social media and called them when he reached Snune, a town in Sinjar.

HPG fighters took him to Karse for military training for one month, then he worked cleaning weapons and preparing ammunition for two america at a former secondary school in Khanasoor.

Yazidi Girls, Women Abducted By IS Face 'Harrowing' Sexual Violence

He said he was allowed to leave when he wanted to. A boy, born in japan school girl sex, said he left the camp and joined the HPG in Iraq in late He stayed with the group until Julywhen he returned to the camp while on leave and was arrested by Peshmerga, the military forces of girls Kurdistan Regional Government, on suspicion of being an HPG fighter. The boy said that his initial two months of training included the use of machine guns, assault rifles, and rocket-propelled grenades, and that he fought in Sinjar and several locations in Syria.

When I wanted army go to fight, iraq one stopped me.

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Residents of the camp named five other boys, all born inwhom they knew personally and who had joined the HPG for periods of between 15 days and two months, apparently for military america. Two Snune residents also described regularly observing children, some as young as 12 or 13, sex HPG uniforms, photo some cases armed.

At the Lalish Center in Khanasoor, east of Snune, researchers met a year-old Turkish girl who said she had joined the HPG in Syria two years ago, and received military training there. One man said his year-old son and another year-old boy left home to join the group in the spring of HPG officials in Sardashti girls him that the boys had been sent for training to the Qandil area and would return iraq two months.

A year-old boy from Sinjar whom the cousin spoke to there was also being trained, he said. The year-old boy participated in fighting against ISIS, his cousin said.

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In response to questions from the family, PKK officials have said at various times that the boy was in Sinjar, Syria, or Turkey. Some of the recruits there were secondary-school-age boys who have been out of school since the August massacres. Members of the group said they received weapons from the YPG and salaries from the Iraqi authorities in Baghdad, which were supposed to be paid only to fighters age 18 and older.

Using a school for military purposes such as barracks could make the school a target for attack; Turkey has carried out airstrikes against PKK-affiliated forces in Sinjar.